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Education Assistance Application

Forms for he 2014-2015 school year must be filled out and submitted for consideration to the office by July 1.

The membership of Collegedale Community Church is actively involved in supporting Christian education. Funds are made available through the church budget and offerings for the purpose of assisting qualifying and cooperating students from families who have financial needs. This assistance applies to any Adventist school within 50 miles radius of Collegedale or GCA. 

The information supplied by the applicant will be considered strictly confidential. It will not be made available to any individual or group not directly concerned with granting financial assistance to prospective students of the Collegedale area community church school systems.

The applicant is reminded that these funds are derived from offerings and support from the Collegedale Community Church members and the funds are limited. The use of these special funds in cases where the need is not acute may deprive others of educational opportunities. Guidelines are listed below.

  1. Parent(s) need to be members of the Collegedale Community Church family
  2. Financial aid will be granted only after the need for such aid has been carefully studied. 
  3. APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Applications are is asked to furnish information by completing the application forms. Also, it is necessary to include with the application a copy of the first page (front & back) of the parents' most recent federal tax return (1040 form). The student must be listed as a dependent on the tax return submitted. This information may be supplemented by written comments or personal interviews if desired. considered in the order they are deemed complete by the educational assistance committee. Please answer EVERY question on the application. Applications received after July 1 will be processed in the order of their arrival. It is advisable to apply early because of limited funds and the many requests for financial assistance.
  4. Parent(s) is/are currently employed
  5. Student(s) are to maintain an academic GPA of 2.0

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