Are all of the services the same?
As for the content of the services, they are all the same style . . . there is not one that is more contemporary or traditional in style. The 10am service is a little bit shorter than the other two services and there are fewer children attending because most of them are in their own classes which are also held at 10am. The 8.30am service has the lower attendance of the three services. The 11.30am service is the most popular . . . you’ll want to make sure you’re a couple of minutes early if you want your choice of seating! Generally, the greeters can help you find a seat if you are little late, but it can be quite crowded!

How large is your congregation?
Our total membership is around 1,000 people with about 1,500 to 1,700 attending each week. 80% of those attending are between the ages of 20-40.

Would we fit in if we do not wear dressy attire?
Yes, you will fit in if your attire is not very dressy. A lot of people dress up, some wear casual wear, and a handful wear jeans. We want everyone to feel comfortable . . . the main thing is that you are there and worshiping! Pastor Jerry wears a suit and tie each week, but he doesn’t expect YOU to dress up that much; it is his personal preference to dress that way. As he has said from the platform, some weeks he has to wear the jacket because he didn’t have time to iron his shirt! :)  (He has also said that if he didn’t wear a tie he wouldn’t have anywhere to clip his microphone.)

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