Do you notice things around our church that could be done differently or better? Perhaps you see needs in our growing church family that are unfulfilled—people who don’t have a sense of belonging, people who are hurting. Perhaps you have a burning desire to see the Word of God spread. Perhaps you see people who are not receiving the best experience possible as they attend church each week. Perhaps you see people who need a social community.

Have you considered that there is a reason you notice these things?

Perhaps you notice these areas for improvement because it is the area you are called to serve.

There are so many ways for you to get involved. We want to see you connecting with other people in the congregation—to feel a part of something bigger. We want to see you using your natural strengths and talents serving in areas that energize and inspire you. Volunteering should not be a drain . . . it should be an enjoyable experience that provides you an outlet to do something you love and an opportunity to meet people who have similar interests. You can be a part of something bigger. You can be the improvement.