Living Free

Living Free is a way to meet people in a small group format, and learn how to share and confront life controlling issues that face everyone. This Bible based study shows how to confront these issues through Bible study, support from other members of your study group and a closer walk with Jesus.



Studying and sharing God's Word in a caring small group. A rewarding journey of discovery, renewal and freedom. Living Free sign-ups for the Fall Term will take place December 10 &17 in the Atrium. Classes begin the week of January 9.

LivingFreeHoldingYouBackTired? Worried? Stressed? Empty?

Join Living Free!  Studying and sharing God's Word in a caring small group. A rewarding journey of discovery, renewal and freedom.

Living Free Small Groups

Living Free brings together believers (and those searching) in a small group format to share, pray and study God's Word as we encourage and support each other on life's journey. Through practical application of biblical principles, we become better equipped to deal with life's challenges as we mature in our relationship with our God and with those in our lives.

Our Mission

As a ministry Collegedale Community Church, our mission is to provide a safe haven where all are encouraged to grow in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and with family, friends and others.

God's will is that each of us live the abundant life - but too often the stresses and challenges in life prevent us from living out His plan for us Worry, depression, pride, anger, addictive behaviors, or unhealthy relationships block our spiritual growth.

Some of us may not be struggling with specific challenges, but we are not experiencing spiritual growth either. Our churches and communities are filled with hurting and unfulfilled people looking for answers. Some want help but don't know how. Others need their help, but where do they go? Living Free is a safe, caring place where we can find hope and answers based upon God's Word. When the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the people of God come together, powerful changes take place.

Our Ministry

What happens at each group meeting?

Each session convenes for 75 minutes as follows:

  • Pray
  • Bible study and application to our lives
  • Discussion and sharing of experience, strength, and hope

When do the groups meet?

Classes are offered at varying times throughout the week, with new groups starting in January and September.

What is the cost?

The only cost is the workbook, which ranges from $9-$12, depending on the topic.

How do I begin?

The first step is to register. Group size limited to 8-10.

Where do I begin?

Typically everyone begins with the 11-week introductory class, Free to Grow, after which other classes may be selected. Free to Grow helps us to overcome daily challenges including disappointments and setbacks that impede our spiritual growth. We learn to be set free so that we can grow and become all that God has designed us to be.

Additional Classes


  • R1 Committed Couples
  • R2 Godly Parenting
  • R3 Growing through Divorce
  • R4 Peacemaking
  • R5Restoring Families
  • R6 The Single Christian


  • E1 Anger: Our Master or Our Servant
  • E2 Facing Fear, Finding Faith
  • E3 Handling Loss and Grief


  • M1 Caregiving: Caring for a Loved One
  • M2 Concerned Persons: Ministry to Loved Ones
  • M3 Cradle My Heart: Healing after Abortion


  • F1 Authentic Living in an Artificial World
  • F2 Completely Free (Romans 1-8, 11)
  • F3 Godly Heroes (Hebrews 11)
  • F4 Knowing God
  • F5 Passionate Pursuit of God
  • F6 Ten Commandments