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Financial Peace

Collegedale Community's Financial Peace Ministry is dedicated to bringing hope to all, from the financially distressed, to the financially secure. We do this by offering Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, a 13-week life changing program on personal finance. It is designed to empower people to manage their money better, eliminate debt, build wealth and experience the joy of giving. All material is Bible-based and taught via entertaining video by Dave Ramsey.

Financial Peace University


What Attendees Are Saying

·   This class has given me hope through a solid financial plan. I had been praying to know how to handle the Lord's money better. This class has given me solid principles in order to do it.

·   It was a real blessing to be put on track and to see a real path to follow with a beautiful ending. –Andy

·   Definitely not a boring class! –Keturah  

·   Dave Ramsey showed me what the Bible says about money. This information is second only to accepting Jesus as my Savior. –Richard  

·   Dave Ramsey taught me how to look at money from a new perspective, and how to manage effectively what God has loaned to me, however much or little. –Stephanie

·   Dave Ramsey showed me that the problem wasn't my income, but rather the out-go. –Bob

·   I found Financial Peace University to be a Bible-based course that put God inspired teachings into modern-day applications. Dave taught me how to control money rather than letting money control me. –Lynn

·   This program has helped me become more aware of how much I spend every month and the importance of saving. –Donnita

·   Financial Peace University answered many financial questions that I had, but didn't know where to go for trustworthy answers. –Lyn

·   Financial Peace University has given us a plan to get out of debt and to say out of debt once we get there.

·   Dave Ramsey has given us a positive workable plan to be debt free and most of all, the skills to stay free. –Dennis

·   I've learned what I needed to know about insurance, retirement and investment--to make wise choices for myself, instead of being swayed by others.


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