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Did you know that as regards eternal life it matters who our mother is?

Revelation 17:3-6: This woman would be an awful mother. She is an abuser of those who are trying to serve God. Her children are just like her. Maybe she is your mother. Maybe you are fighting against God. Maybe you are embroiled in beliefs and practices that are opposed to God and His Word.

Who is the mother of believers in Christ?

Ishmael was born of human impulse through the flesh, nothing special, just a plan from man to achieve what God had promised. Isaac was born because of God, miraculously, a plan that was supernaturally fulfilled by God. Hagar was a slave, Sarah was free. Hagar represents the old covenant of the law made at Mt. Sinai; she was a slave born into slavery; a covenant whose basis is law turns men into slaves of the law.

Keeping the law becomes more important than loving God or loving others. The law itself becomes a taskmaster. The efforts to keep the law are born of human impulses; not God's promises. Sarah represents the new covenant in Jesus Christ.

God's new way of dealing with men is not by law but by grace. Child born free, descendants are free. Not born of human effort but by the supernatural fulfillment of God's promises.

Galatians 4:27-31: Within the camp of believers there are children who have the spirit of the mother identified in Revelation 17. The one who seeks to abuse those who are following God by faith. Those who have Mt. Sinai as their mother will be frustrated and doomed to fail. Their experience in serving God will be enslavement to the law.

Those who have Jerusalem as their mother will be filled with joy. Their salvation is assured them in Christ and they are free. Free from condemnation and self-loathing. Free from the slavery of trying to be righteous. Free to be happy and confident. Free to love God and others.

Who is your mother?